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Personal Injury

Where there is negligence, there should be compensation for the injured.

Get an accomplished personal injury trial lawyer on your side.

Motor Vehicle Accident

You need a hard-working attorney to fight the insurance companies.

We work with experts to prepare compelling cases.

Workers’ Compensation

You need a hard-working attorney to fight the insurance companies.

We work with experts to prepare compelling cases.

Child Abuse

We fight for those who have been deeply injured through child abuse.

Abuse of any kind leaves damage that deserves recompense.

Assertive, Effective Legal Representation

When we come on board in representation of someone who has been seriously injured or harmed through the negligence of another, our client and legal opponents soon learn that we mean business. If an insurer refuses to deliver proper compensation after a truck accident or pedestrian accident, we can and will go to trial.
With a solid grounding in the unique facts of each case, we put the law to work for our clients. Our firm often obtains verdicts larger than our legal opponents’ insurance policies were written for.
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Just Compensation For The Injured

The Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan, PC, has built a reputation on one essential skill: the ability to recover just compensation for those injured in car accidents, premises liability cases and more.

Many of our clients have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries in slip-and-fall accidents, traffic accidents and other personal injury circumstances. They need strong advocates. At our law firm, they find trial lawyers prepared to do battle on their behalf..

We Are Ready To Work Hard On Your Injury Claim

We win cases through old-fashioned hard work and determination to prevail on behalf of those who have entrusted their case outcomes to our skillful oversight. If you have suffered a serious injury or if your family member has suffered a catastrophic injury or loss of life in a motor vehicle accident or any accidental injury, contact us to schedule a free consultation without waiting one more day.


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